with Danielle Koppel

Saturday, Feb 2

KIRTAN @ 7pm

POT LUCK afterwards!

Suggested donation $5-$20 for the musicians and TABLE.

KIRTAN (chanting) is a cross-cultural, participatory experience that originated

in India many centuries ago. This musical genre utilizes ancient Sanskrit mantras in

a call-and-response format that incorporates the audience right into the performance.

The form of kirtan is as follows: the melody and instrumentation begin slowly, increase in

intensity and speed as the chant progresses, and slow again at the end of the chant.

Often participants will clap hands or dance to add to the rhythm and enthusiasm of the chant.

Formally a part of bhakti yoga, the devotional path of yoga, and nada yoga,

the science of sound & vibration, kirtan is quickly becoming one of the leading forms

of participatory world music. The music of kirtan is both heartfelt and spirited, although styles of

participation will vary from artist to artist. Everyone can participate— there are no prerequisites,

no special talents or skills, and no religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds that are needed

to take part in the kirtan experience. As interest in the world’s sacred music continues to

expand, kirtan offers an opportunity for individuals and groups to come together to

call forth that unifying  divine link within us all. In this manner, kirtan offers us

a means to discover and to reconnect to the heart of our humanity.




Sunday,  Feb 3, 6pm-7pm


with Faith Towner

Space is limited so please

arrive early for a spot


Move gracefully in the air suspended on fabric, free from the confines
of gravity. Build strength, flexibility, and release compression from the body.
This Community Class will teach you the fundamental techniques of aerial fabric

including climbing, foot locks, wrist locks, and sling work. You will find this class a

safe and positive introduction to moving in the air. No experience is necessary,
just an open mind, and a desire to get off the ground.

All COMMUNITY YOGA CLASSES at Triangle Yoga Shala are FREE to the public
and will explore the fundamentals of a particular style or form of movement.
We believe that providing yoga and movement is a community service,
and offering these classes for free is an expression of Karma Yoga,
selfless serving.





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